Year Planner 2017 - Team Buildings

Angel Projects is about getting involved! The concept is simple and goal orientated, with very visual results. Corporate teams or groups of friends get together in a fun atmosphere to make a difference, working on site in the community. As we prepare for 2017, we are hopeful and excited about increasing the impact we are able to make by connecting more of our clients’ resources to initiatives and projects that will bring sustainable change across many more projects in the development of our beautiful country.

We take pleasure in presenting  our Year Planner for 2017 to assist with your planning process. We will however continue to offer new, different and bespoke projects in addition to those already planned.

As part of what my team and I will be offering in 2017, all projects:

  • Will have optimised B-BBEE opportunities against the new Scorecard under CSI, Supplier and Enterprise Development.
  • Can be aligned with your Strategic CSI Objectives.
  • Will be developed with Sustainability as its foundation.
  • Can be customised in terms of your budget, people and timing parameters.
  • Can be done with as much or as little teambuilding and staff involvement as required.
  • Can be delivered at any time of the year and are not limited to the proposed timetable below.




Human Rights Day Freedom Day World Hunger Day
Creche Makeovers Playground Projects Kitchen Renovations & Relief Food Hampers
Foundation Phase Education is a basic Human Right to children from all Socio-Economic backgrounds. Book a crèche makeover project within your budget to address the ever present issue of lacking infrastructure faced by poorer communities.  Celebrate Freedom Day in April by getting involved in a Playground Project in a disadvantaged community. Be hands-on, bringing colour and fun through re-appropriated materials. The gift of Creative Expression brings Freedom to Play and Develop. A few minor tweaks to kitchens in needy areas will make a major difference. Help to improve basic conditions and mitigate risk through a kitchen renovation project.

Assembly line food packing projects could be done on-site, bringing relief from hunger.




Youth Month Mandela Month Women's Month
Interactive Fun Day Shop-For-Good Amazing Race Interactive Educational Months
Get involved with our youth in June with the ‘Crossing Bridges’ initiative by booking a Secondary School Fun Day. Career Days right through to Reality TV inspired events such as Shall We Dance, Master Chef or The Voice – working with the youth, the future of our Country Give your 67 minutes during the month of July and do good while having loads of fun in all of the major cities. Other projects can also be booked during this special month in honour of Nelson Mandela. Celebrate women in August by getting involved in projects that deal with genuine issues many of us take for granted. Abuse, Feminine Hygiene, Teenage Pregnancy, Sexual Health and HIV Awareness only being some of the matters key to women’s wellbeing. 




Arbour Week Focus on the Elderly Disability Month
Vegetable Tunnels Home Renovations & High Tea Wheelchair Building & Christmas Parties
With almost 30 Veggie Tunnels built since our inception, many existing tunnels are due for maintenance with new tunnels always in demand. A fantastic way for teams to get their hands dirty, and feel a great sense of contribution after completing a fully planted and functional vegetable tunnel in a single day. If the elderly are part of your CSI Strategy, we are able to arrange projects that address basic human rights and needs, as well as interactive events that fulfil the need for human interaction through renovations, maintenance, high teas, arts and crafts, movement classes etc. Participate in a Wheels-For-Winners teambuilding project that addresses the many daily obstacles the disabled face one wheelchair at a time. Our strategic partnership will ensure these matters are addressed in ways that provide wider support in bringing dignity and fulfilled living.

Various options to spread the Christmas Cheer are available through our Year-End events to suit even the most festive teams.