Veggie Tunnels to beat hunger

Published Date: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Phoenix tabloid

Veggie Tunnels to beat hunger

Sibaya Casino together with Angel Projects built 2 vegetable tunnels which will assist the Domino Foundation in sustaining their soup kitchen in Phoenix.

Brookdale Kitchen of the Domino Foundation received a major boost to their soup kitchen with the donation of two vegetable food tunnels sponsored by Sibaya Casino and Angel Projects.

Brenda Scheepers,project leader of the Brookdale Kitchen, conducted research to understand what the longest running feeding schemes were and why this was so. Through her research she found that the main reason behind a feeding scheme’s longevity and success was vegetable gardens.

According to Scheepers, the vegetable food tunnels will drastically reduce cost of meals. “Currently vegetables produced for soup such as butternut,potatoes,etc, are bought at the market, the switch to becoming more self-reliant will help with the reduction of transport costs, in fetching the vegetables, and inevitably will have green benefits too,” said Scheepers.

The Domino Foundation is a community based NPO, working in the Amaoti area. The foundation runs a soup kitchen which provides meals to 2500 children twice a day at 30 crèches.

These crèches fall under the early childhood development programs which are run by the foundation.