Swim for Soup 2014

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Imagine being a 3 year old child and the only meal you have every day is porridge in the morning and a bowl of soup in the afternoon… dinner? Now imagine if you didn’t get that, you had nothing to eat? This is the sad reality for many orphaned and vulnerable children in the Amaoti and many other townships around South Africa every day. Parents, society, education and many more factors are to blame, I don’t argue with that. But we should never forget that a child of 3 cannot ever provide for themselves and maybe, if we make the effort to make a difference, we could change a live and break the cycle! 

In a plight to not only raise funds, but also raise awareness around the importance of early childhood nutrition, Brenda Scheepers, owner of Angel Projects and project manager of the Domino Foundation Soup kitchen and vegetable tunnel project have undertaken to swim 10 Open Water swimming events in aid of the Domino Foundation Soup Kitchen.

This incredible foundation feeds on average 1400 children 2 meals a day, delivered to 30 crèches. This is a whopping 411 645 meals for 2013!! This figure excludes the sandwiches that are distributed to schools in the same area. 

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The Swim for Soup Fundraiser will kick off with the 1st swim on 9 February, where both owners of Angel Projects will take part in the Midmar Mile 2014. All expenses for swims will be covered by Angel Projects and all funds raised will go directly to The Domino Foundation.

“I am looking forward to this challenge. It is not only combining a personal goal with the work I do, but also with a passion for those less fortunate. The project is not just about raising the much needed funds, but also raising awareness of those in need, especially ones that are not able to fend or provide for themselves.” says Brenda. Please support me, there will be times when getting up at 04h30 to swim will be hard, but knowing that you are supporting me will be my motivation. See you in the water!!

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Watch a video about the Swim For Soup project