Our Team

Though you, the client and contributor is by all means the REAL Angels in all our stories, we do have a dedicated team, making sure everything runs smoothly!

Brenda Scheepers

It was during my “gap year” at 40 that I realised that though I really loved what I was doing, I wasn’t really leaving the type of footprint on society I wanted to. I was making no difference, and I didn’t like that!

I came to realise that traditional teambuilding, where teams are competing against each other, rather than working together, like you would in an office environment, was counterproductive. Even though different teams have different rolls, the ultimate goal in each company should be universal and not competitive. And that’s how Angel Projects was born……during all those marvellous early morning runs in the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park in the winter for 2010.

And now I can unashamedly say that I have more camp fire stories for my old age than most and undoubtedly the best job in the world!! For me success is measured by the number of thanks you’s, smiles and often tears of gratitude I get from both my loyal clients as well as those that benefit from your contributions.

I am known for taking too many photographs, mostly of things other people don’t even notice. 

Werda Grunewald

My career started in IT but I soon grew tired of staring at a computer screen and instead started my own business doing basic computer training.

During my many years as a trainer and business owner I realised that the best part of my job is making a difference in people’s lives. I spent a lot of time with many disadvantaged people that were trying to make a better life for themselves. It made me realised how many people have the will to change their lives but not the means.

Angel Projects was the perfect solution to making a difference in more people’s lives. After seeing how 90% of the country actually lives your outlook on life changes forever.

I love the fact that I am part of the solution in this wonderful country. I believe that if everyone does their share we can continue uplifting this country one project at a time.