Get Involved

Making a difference has never been easier! All you need to have is the heart to make a difference, we will do the rest. To make it easier, this is the information that will be helpful when approaching us for options:-

  1. Where does your heart lie - children, the elderly, orphans, disabled, etc?
  2. In which area would you prefer to invest
  3. How much money and/or time would you like to invest? If you are not sure how much to spend to claim your maximum B-BBEE points, the H.O.P.E team will gladly assist you. Find out more about H.O.P.E.
  4. Teambuilding project for your staff or a CSI project managed by Angel Projects? 
  5. For teambuilding purposed we need to know how many attendees and the duration of the event.

Though we offer custom made projects to suit your needs, we do have a few firm favourites that can easily be adapted for most circumstance and is easy to do. The include-

The Vegetable Tunnel

The vegetable tunnel project probably has the biggest impact on communities. In a few hours you will build a 10 x 4 m galvanised tunnel, using little more than a 10mm spanner. The tunnels come with between 700-1000 seedlings, depending on the type of vegetable we are planting.

The Paint Party

Time to get creative! Don’t however be intimidated by the thought of putting a brush full paint on wall….with our easy tricks-of-the-trade, this is like painting by numbers! The designs are adapted to suit the venue and have an educational twist to them. Visual stimulation is very important in the development of children under the age of 6 years old. This project can be adapted for an old age home, shelter or hospital ward as well.

The Cup Cake Project

This project is ideal if you have a really small budget. We have cupcakes pre-baked for each child in the crèche and you will assist them to decorate the cupcakes with various colours of icing, sprinkles and sweets.

Playground Development

A slightly bigger project and will involve the professional installation of the Jungle gym. Your team will assist with building a see-saw, hop-scotch and a small obstacle course. The final project will depend on the allocated budget and space available at the venue

For a detailed proposal of any of the above projects, please contact us.