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Angel Projects (Pty) Ltd

Angel Projects was started in 2010 by Brenda Scheepers combining her passion for the less fortunate and business experience to address growing needs within local communities across South Africa. In 2015 Angel Projects became a member of Domino Business and was registered as a level 2 B-BBEEE service provider with 52% of profit directly benefiting a local community through this partnership. Since its inception Angel Projects has assisted over 40 corporate clients with a wide variety of projects ranging from team building initiatives to turnkey projects appropriating a company’s full Corporate Social Investment (CSI) budget to benefit thousands of individuals in over 33 local communities nationally.  

Benefitting Corporates and Communities

At Angel Projects we provide a platform where CSI custodians are able to entrust either a portion of, or their complete CSI budget to us for maximum benefit against the updated B-BBEEE codes. Our turnkey customised projects would then lend itself to optimised press coverage ensuring communities benefit as well as the client through strategic synergies.

Our team is particularly adept at either developing a client’s current CSI initiative for deeper benefit both to the community and client, as well as developing new avenues of CSI projects for strategic alignment, B-BBEEE benefit and press interest.

Sustainability through new partnerships

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Our recent partnership with Domino Business has opened the door to being more effective both in communities in need of upliftment opportunities as well as clients needing a trusted, simpler answer to the latest B-BBEEE codes. As a single service provider we are now;

  • Rated level 2 B-BBEEE for optimised supplier benefit
  • VAT registered for accounting benefits
  • Able to provide aligned project management specific to relevant Sector Codes

Our successes

To date our operations have afforded over 40 socially responsible clients the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to 33 communities in a number of projects benefitting thousands of individuals over our 5 years of operation.

Turnkey projects;

Our key strength is in collaboratively working with a client to provide a complete project management service in delivering CSI projects aligned with the client’s strategy and new B-BBEEE codes.

  • 3 Computer Laboratories nationally positioned benefitting 3 500 learners in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape.

Teambuilding projects;

  • 25 Vegetable tunnels – job creation, income generation, food production
  • 21 Paint parties – beautifying renovations, painted blankets
  • 9 Crèche, school building and playground renovations
  • 4 Years of numerous Mandela Day projects

B-BBEE Ratings and Tax Benefits

All our projects are carefully selected with the aim of enabling our clients to improve their B-BBEE rating. Angel Projects is certified as a Level 2 B-BBEE company and is VAT registered for optimised supplier and accounting benefit. In addition, we work closely with The Domino Foundation, one of the largest and best-run community-based NPO’s in KZN ( Domino will process all the administration, banking, invoicing and documentation. The client therefore receives B-BBEE documentation and a Section 18A tax receipt, which makes the cost a tax deductible expense.